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    Don't Send Money for health care. How it Works?


    • Book,reschedule,cancel appointments 24/7
    • Confirmation by email and SMS
    • Appointment reminders by email and SMS
    • History of all your family appointments


    • Pay by Credit card or mobile money on your cell phone
    • Pay for the consultation. Take control
    • Pay for medical lab
    • Pay for radiology and scanners
    • Pay for medications and delivery

    Stay informed
    by doctors real time

    • Health record and prescriptions available online for your review
    • Notification of follow-up and referral
    • Alert of patient no show
    • Notification of doctor visite completion

    Are you a patient or just an individual?

    Would you like to book an appointment with a doctor not yet certified on Medicoor?

    Help your doctor discover appointment booking and payment online for clients anywhere.

    We will contact your practician for you.

    Your doctor and his or her practice are not found in Medicoor?

    Provide us their contact information and we will do the rest.

    Are you a health care professional?

    Accept appointments booking and payments online. Your patients book appointments and pay online 24/7, from anywhere in the world, and receive real time confirmation by email or SMS.

    Manage your calendar anywhere. Our online calendar is shareable with your employees. Receive emails and sms of all your appointments.

    Grow your patient base through better visibility on the Internet. Medicoor creates your personalized mini-site with all information about you: opening hours, consultation types, rates, localization, insurance accepted, etc ...

    Are you a health insurance company?

    Increase your client base with better services and global visibility;

    Share your network of doctors, dentists, optometrist, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, medical imaging centers, pharmacies and others.

    Accept payment of premiums from anywhere.

    Receive medical claims online daily and reduce backlog.

    Your review can save lives

    Share your experience

    Rate a doctor or hospital now
    and help improve the quality of care

    Want to work for an innovative start-up?

    Become a Medicoor Account Manager. Manage a portofilio of doctors. Manage the performance reporting of your doctors

    Prospecting, sales, installation and training of Medicoor solutions within health care institutions (public hospitals, medical imaging centers, private clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, etc.)

    Negotiation of agreements framework and project management

    Responding to RFPs

    Participation in the implementation of technical developments to major customers

    Establishment of partnerships with other hospital software vendors


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